Lecture on Systems and Revolution at Sages and Scientists Symposium

Systems thinking is the foundation for creating a real revolution to solve the massively complex problems of the world.

Our faces reflect our journeys across multiple worlds, starting at home to beyond and back to our self. The beauty of life perhaps lies in our common struggles to find patterns of connection across those worlds. While the particular scenes and characters of that journey may differ, the search for meaning to face our self with kindness, love and acceptance remains unchanged. The ancient sages of many millennia ago recognized the power of systems thinking to find such meaning. They perceived reality as a system of systems, possessing foundational properties. Major breakthroughs in modern engineering science, also have been the result of such a systems thinking. By appreciating the core of what ancient sages and modern engineering scientists recognized, we today have the power to create revolutionary solutions to the seemingly complex problems of the world, through embracing synergy, diversity and the power of combinations. In this talk, I will share my journey across those worlds, ancient and modern, art and science, mind and body, where I discovered a connection between the magical holism of the East with the scientific rigor of the West.